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I love this quote about love. When you meet someone whose soul is your soul's twin... you know you've found someone special. Never let them go.
I met someone recently who made me feel this way. Now, we'll be far away from one another – circumstances beyond our control. But I hope that one day, we'll find each other again, and our two selves, so similar, can reunite.
Omg @nicolejb I LOVE that quote! I should really read that book. Iknow it's such a classic. And thanks @rodiziketan :) I hope so too. I think we will :) I believe that, truly. Because what is right will happen. <3 I agree though, it's so important to speak your feelings when you find someone that special.
I think we should all consider and think about this quote. We all know how hard is to find that right person, but even if we find that person, we usually don't do anything about it. It is sad actually. And I hope you will reunite with a person, you mantioned above.
I love this too! one of my favorite books, Withering Heights has a similar quote that the female protagonist says about her man : “He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” I think it’s beautiful.
You really should @allischaaf! It’s perfect for sappy romantics