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Hello fellow Vinglers! (Vinglers is the correct pronoun right?) Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys use certain Kpop songs for your ring tones or txt tones. One of a Kind plays when someone calls me. And I won't lie, if it's someone I don't know or want to talk too, I will let it play until they hang up! I've also used Amber's Shake That Brass and TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down.
i have just right as my ringtone for messages it is sweet girl then dope is my sisters ringtone, then for @StarBabes is tough cookie then for @StephyBAP is warrior
@KpopGaby I use this free app called Zedge for ringtones/notification sounds. lt has it on there under "Message song" or something like that.
mine's still girls girls girls by got7. it's from the app dodol pop. I really like it because it's a video ringtone, I see their MV whenever someone calls ♥
@B1A4BTS5ever It's No Mercy
Ahh Shake That Brass is a good one hahaha
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