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omo I don't know, I can't tell who, I think his name is jungkook or maybe he is V or or or Jin! or maybe I alike all three!!!!!??? help! I like their songs DOPE, bulletproof, I need you, boyz in luv and in DOPE I see two, (my eyes follow two) but I can't tell who is who and their names !!!!sigh errrrr!
the awesome. they got me, they got me goooooood!! ~L.
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@BangtansArmy hahaha no kidding
Like they all have unique personalities that are so charming ^~^ @B1A4BTS5ever
@BangtansArmy yes they do and i love that
I like v well I like all if them but my heart is going to v
Yup. I'm starting to think it's not HUMANELY impossible to have a bias in BTS.