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You know how you feel better than anyone. Some times that special person you haven't heard from in a while sends you what you needed for the moment just out of the blue. How did they know? Your day brightens as you read the message as if they read your mind. You don't always have to go through things alone. You can message someone yourself when you are troubled because chances are someone somewhere is going through the same. Take a moment and think of someone you have not kept in touch with and send them a inspiring message. Just what you/they needed.
yeah, I am pianist, but I haven't post anything related yet, but thanks for remiding me, I will start with a new collection :) @blue7even
@shannonl5 I don't seem to have much time to be on here but I do appreciate the tags! @rodiziketan I noticed you are a pianist...I'm always looking for new artists or music I have not yet heard. feel free to share or tag me in piano video's! :)
Sure thing @rodiziketan ^_^
@shannonl5 5 thanks for the tag, and @blue7even I love this.
@rodiziketan sounds great!
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