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I was doing a little research about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia after @rodiziketan wrote this super interesting card about Fat Mac (still can't believe he gained 50 lbs!!), but I stumbled upon another awesome fact about my favorite comedy.
Four members of The Gang are married to other Always Sunny cast members, and I had no idea! I love hearing about on-set romances so this is adorable enough in itself, but when you find out who the couples are, it gets soooo much cuter!!!

Mac & Sweet Dee

Remember when Mac said this on the show:
Mac - "Charlie and Frank getting married has gotten me thinking. About you and me."
Dee - "We are not getting married."
Mac - "What? Dee, I would rather be shot in the face."
D'awwwww! I guess in real life that's not really true. They've actually been married for almost ten years and have two kids together.

Dennis & Caylee

I guess the D.E.N.N.I.S. System actually works. If you don't immediately recognize Caylee, she's the lucky lady that Dennis charmed with his foolproof system for seducing women in one of the most famous Always Sunny episodes. They've been married for over six years.

Charlie & The Waitress

Remember when The Waitress said this:
"Really Charlie? Will I marry you? No, I will not. I will never marry you."
These on-screen marriage jokes are way funnier knowing they're married in real life. They're potentially the cutest real life couple given The Waitress's total hatred of Charlie on the show. Apparently she's the object of Charlie's affection both on-screen and off, but I'm just glad off screen it actually works out because some of Charlie's attempts to land her on the show feel pretty pathetic.
It's good to hear Charlie has more game in real life. They've been married for almost ten years and have a son together :)
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I had no idea haha. For none of them. This is so cool. :)