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This has been a pretty debated topic on my instagram since BigBang has come out with their new songs. A lot of people on YG confessions state things like "I didn't like this song" or "E failed my expectations" and in return are getting a lot of hate loaded on from other fans. So, Do you have to love every song to be a fan?
I don't think so. I wouldn't be considered a fan if this were true. Let's look at it this way: BigBang writes a lot of songs and each one has its own style and sometimes genre, if you will. Not everyone is going to like every song because of this. BigBang is too broad and they aren't going to please everyone. Fans should stop hating on others for having a mature opinion on the group and on the songs. Disliking one or two doesn't make you a hater, it makes you someone who still loves your artist but won't blindly follow them (not that all fans who love all the songs would be this way, but there are a couple for every group!). I didn't like BaeBae, I still listen to it once in a while but it's not the style I like. I prefer something as dance worthy as Bang Bang Bang and Sober or something as tear jerking as If You and Let's Not Fall in Love. Within music videos, Zutter shocked me . It wasn't what I expected and I still don't like the music video, but I enjoy the song a lot!
I personally don't think people should get labeled as a "fake fan" for not enjoying every song. Your music taste is different from everyone else's music taste, people have opinions, and it doesn't make anyone any less of a fan. What do you guys think?
To be honest there are so many groups that I'm a fan of and I really just like/know of a couple of songs. Even for my bias groups there are a few songs I'll be like "oh it could've been better" and yes tbh I did think that the MADE album overall could have been better but I still love big bang as a group and each member individually even if I was disappointed!
I don't think you do! To be honest, I don't listen to VooDoo (VIXX) at ALL until it comes on shuffle and I don't have the time to change it. I like the feeling of the fandom, most of the songs, and the members themselves!
definitely not, sometimes artist try new styles and it could be good or it could be bad. HONESTLY....😉
I don't think you have to necessarily 'Love' every single song that the group or artist comes out with to be considered a fan. I think as long as you support the group and don't go around bashing it you're fine :) Because in all honesty I'm sure most people have songs that they like more than others on certain album and ep's, and every once and a while (Or even ALWAYS) they'll skip a certain song. I don't consider them any less of a fan than me because of it. I see it as EXAMPLE: say if you had a box of crayons. Just because you don't use the one crayon as much as the others doesn't mean you don't like crayons or the you hate them. it's just that you either don't like that color or it just not a personal favorite. (I know it was a weird example but that's how I chose to explain it lol) :P
@kpopandkimchi lol kinda like me with BaeBae, but yeah all those things are great
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