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Earlier today I was shouted at like a dog from a charming sidewalker man.
It went a little like this:
"Ay mami. Damn damn *GRUNTS*. Damn. Shit. AY AY AYYYYYY AYY. Shit damn mami. Come here!"

Right after he did that, I made a gesture thing:

Foserious. I did this.
With his broken down ego, he said loudly, "Yeah. Yeah. Aight. Whatever. I see you doing that. Whatever man. Whatever."

Here's some ways you can make street harassers feel really damn shitty. Because you know what -- I am an expert at this (unfortunately).

Shout "ew" as loudly as possible.

Fear not. Insert spunk here. They don't deserve niceness.

An upset response makes them realize, holy shit...I am actually doing something...that she doesn't like!?

Or if you like the passive aggressive approach, walk away gracefully with a smile and a middle finger.

You're welcome.

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I typically just yell: “NO!” really angry and loud. hahaha But I like the “Ew” or the “Ya Nasty” to add sas.
Omg i imagine yelling "NO" lol
imagine you*
Seriously - do they think this will make a girl go weak at the knees? These people never evolved at the same rate as the rest of us.
You're right! I honestly just don't get it. And I guess I never will! @virginvingler