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How To Draw Caricatures!
Ever wanted to draw little caricatures, but never knew how? you'll know!
Here is a step-by-step easy guide to drawing your very own figures. There are a lot of people using drawings to "illustrate" their point on Vingle, so if you want to join the movement and make your own, this is the post for you!
I'd love to see some of your drawings!
Some Vinglers who use drawings include:
@TessStevens / I use them in almost every post, partly because I love to draw, but also because I think it's a really pure form of expression...and when you can't find an image to communicate what you want, you can just make one!
and many others!
Alright, no more text in this post, it's time to draw!
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@tessstevens You are the most amazingly talented person.
2 years agoReply
@esha thank you so much! You should draw!
2 years agoReply
Thanks for the tips! I love drawing as well but have some trouble areas. Can't wait to try this out. 馃槉
2 years agoReply
@KaraHevner if you do try them I'd love to see them!!!! Can you take some pictures and make a card? Tag me? lol. I love seeing other people draw!
2 years agoReply