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We’ve all heard of the amazing phenomenon of cat cafes (if you haven’t click here and enjoy), but what about all the other cute animals of the world? Can’t they have a cafe too?
Yes, yes they can. But so can the weird ones.

Here are some really bizarre animal cafes around the world.

1. Snake Cafe - Tokyo, Japan

At the Tokyo Snake Center you can enjoy your tea with 20 breeds of non-venomous snakes. Don’t worry, they are in cages and aren’t just slithering around. That would be my nightmare.

2. Sheep Cafe - Seoul, South Korea

At the Thanks Nature Cafe, sheep roam around with the costumers. They encourage you not to be sheepish, go ahead a pet the fluffy little guys.

3. Owl Cafes - Japan

Ok, theses guys are pretty darn cute. And thankfully, there a lot of cute owl cafes all over Japan (especially Tokyo). Most of the birds are kept on their perch, but costumers are also encourage to hold them, with a proper glove!

4. Reptile Cafe - Saigon, Vietnam

The Café Babo is home to 10 scaly, cold-blooded creature. But hey, don’t worry too much about them biting. All of the animals have been trained for usually within six to eight months before they are allowed to just chill with the costumers.

5. Teacup Pig Cafe - London

In London, there was a pop-up micro pig cafe called Pignic. Little piggies roamed around as costumer sipped on tea and coffee. Unfortunately, it close, but I hope it comes back! And hopefully with no bacon on the menu...
What do you think? A cute/weird way to lure in costumers, or just plain weird?
As long as the animals are happy, I’m happy! I think it would be a hoot to visit these places.
Just maybe don’t take me to the snake cafe...
Goodbye America I need to hang out at that pig cup cafe for the rest of my life.
I think owls are the cutest so I’d be down to hang out with some owl cuties @alywoah
These cafes are definitely different from the ones I am used to. I think I'd really enjoy the sheep cafe. ^_^
I think you would love London @paulisaverage! send us some yummy treats while you are there!