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How can you just put down a good manga when you start reading it at the store?
I used to do this a lot back in high school and would get awkward stares at the store.
No regrets. LOL
Comic Credit: Sora Jimonitos
I regret Nothing!!!!
You see the story goes like this. Back when Border's Bookstore was still alive, I would grab like 7 different manga read for who knows how long and worst part of all I would never get to finish them cause of the stores closing hours. I miss you Border's!! o(〒﹏〒)o
Hah I did the same when I was a mall rat they have a barns and nobles in the mall
@B1A4BTS5ever @Princess2328 @alywoah @AkiraCondry @ButterflyBlu Glad we can all relate hahaha! @TylerBellamy I miss Border's tooooo! Are you new to the anime community. I haven't seen you around XD
Exactly, @TylerBellamy! In Alabama I'd go to Books-a-Million. Here in California I have a Barnes & Noble. I grab what I want and park it in one of the chairs with some coffee. Everyone Wins!
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