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simjangi ttwinda/심장이 뛴다 Answer: 백퍼센트 (100%) Beat Congratulations to @osnapitzlilred ^_^ The only person who guessed this right! Awesome dude!! @B2STANG88 and @fourstargeneral Thanks for participating even if y'all were a bit off XD and @WiviDemol Is this the group you thought of? Now for the winner @osnapitzlilred you can request from any of these awards: M/V, photo or Imagine requests (you can choose all of them or as many as you want, don't have to) If you want an Imagine, please let me know about plot or ideas of your Imagine on the comments or message me. It will take a while for me to process ideas so bear with me please ^_^ Note: If you want an Imagine, are you willing to wait? I'm still working on a lot of Imagines and it takes a while for me to process a lot of thoughts and as the perfectionist I am, nothing seems good. Hope you understand.
@WiviDemol Hahaha, yeah :) it can be pretty unexpected from me
@KpopGaby no :( ahaha gotta study more
Hahahaha yeah I was a "bit off" xD cheater right here 👈
Nope. Take your pick! I love them all so they'll all make me happy
that seems Easy enough. Can I get a photo of Xiumin and an EXO M/V? I appreciate you doing this, it's so nice of you. Thanks for the hard work!
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