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Middle school was a horrifying time in my life. I was a total outcast, I struggled in every way possible and I barely made it out alive. The thing that always got me through was music. And my obsession with music as I know it, began in middle school with my favorite band to this day GREEN DAY. Thanks @danidee for this challenge.
I was a 5; 4'' little psychopath, and in 7th grade I died my hair green...why? Because the drummer from Green Day had green hair. There is no photographic evidence of this period of my life, and I 'd like to keep it that way.

I discovered pop/punk legends, Green Day when I came home from school one day and happened to turn on MTV (when they still played music, and not Catfish or Teen Mom or whatever...screw them). Anyway, I was flipping around and something amazing caught my eye.

It was an American flag, painted green and white. It seemed like it was bleeding green. I couldn't stop staring.

And then that guitar line came in and my life was changed forever.
Three dudes that looked like they were in their 20s or 30's came on the screen. They were styled to the nine's. That red tie. Oh my god. I was in love at first listen. The loudness of the guitars, the crashing drums, the deep bass lines, the style, the attitude...this band would change my life. I spent a lot of my early adulthood questioning everything, feeling a little left out and completely out of the loop. I identified with Green Day. They preached the ideals of being yourself, taking risks and ultimately always sticking up for what you believe in. And they gave me permission to do what I wanted. When everything else seemed like a losing battle, Green Day was there to tell me I had won. I can't imagine how I would have turned out if I hadn't caught that music video that fall afternoon.

I had no idea I'd discovered Green Day long into their amazing career. I became obsessed with their back catalog of 10 albums. And discovered their musical influences as well.

I instantly became attached to the genre of punk rock. I did my research and discovered bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and Blondie. Green Day led me to the modern punk/pop outifts that everyone knows: like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and New Found Glory. Those guys led me to garage rock, like The Libertines, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. This amazing web of music, led by my favorite band Green Day made me realize I wanted to be a musician too.
I started playing guitar at 11 and learned EVERY SINGLE Green Day song. After I mastered them on guitar, I moved to drums, then bass. By 14 I could play all of them, full band style, on my own. My first rock band "The Walking Contradictions" named after of course, a Green Day song, hit the stage when I was 12...and I never looked back. I ended up recording my first record in 2010 and have been called "the female Billie Joe Armstrong" by a lot of peeps. I got a Green Day tattoo when I moved out on my own for the first time and have never regretted it for a second.
What I'm trying to say is, music has the power to change your life. And even though I was 11 and completely lost...Green Day found me, and changed me for good!
Thank you so much @danidee and @buddyesd for this challenge! I love writing about music (obviously) :). What bands have changed your life?

I'm sorry I couldn't be funny: music makes me really emotional.

this is a fantastic card :) I guess it's safe to say green day made an impact huh :D
The band that changed ny life:evanescence
just to be clear, i do not support varg vikernes' racist views, but his attitude towards making music, i totally identify with.
1. the who - the band that got me into music. 2. nirvana - made me realize that i don't have to be jimi hendrix-level of talent to be a musician 3. dead kennedys - the truest punk band to ever live. 4. burzum - the epitome of black metal. combined with the dead kennedys, this forms the basis of my musical philosophy. also got me interested in electronic music. 5. coven - along with (re)discovering the who, got me reinterested in psychedelic and art rock after two years of rejecting everything that wasn't "true". 6. rush - what do i really need to say about these guys? they're fucking rush. 7. the sex pistols - the greatest pop band to ever live, along with the who
so back in 2004 when I was 9 i was in a dark place i was confusied and had no friends then my mom handed me american idiot and it changed my life I played it and just cried my eyes out and since that day Green day has been my all time favorite band then a week later I found My chemical romance then a month later I found blink 182 and then in 2005 I found avenged sevenfold, paramore, linkin park, new found glory, simple plan, sum 41, muse, foo fighters, the killers, fall out boy, yellowcard, panic at the disco, and good charllote. then in 2006 i found all time low. then in 2007 i found taylor swift. then in 2010 i found twenty one pilots. then in 2013 i found chvrches and they became my favorite bands these 20 bands/artists all make me cry sometimes they all make me happy and they all CHANGED and SAVED my life I owe every single thing to these bands/artists nothing in the world makes me happier then my 20 favorite bands and my 4 favorite video game series these bands influence the way i act and the way i dress music and exspeshally these 20 bands make me emotional even just thinking about my life with these bands makes me emotional Favorite bands/artists of all time in order- 1- green day 2- my chemical romance 3- paramore 4- avenged sevenfold 5- blink 182 6- twenty one pilots 7- panic at the disco 8- all time low 9- linkin park 10- fall out boy 11- foo fighters 12- muse 13- chvrches 14- new found glory 15- yellowcard 16-Taylor Swift 17- sum 41 18- the killers 19- simple plan 20- good charllote favorite video game series- pkemon ratchet and clank sonic the hedgehog sly cooper this stuff litterlly 100% CHANGED and SAVED my life in every single way
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