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In love with this MUST-HAVE Fall lip color, Underground. It's by Gerard Cosmetics and perfectly captures the cool intro to the changing of the seasons while still remaining true as a neutral. With just the right amount of sheen and pigment, the lipstick reflects pink undertones and gray-violet overtones.
The model pictured is self-proclaimed "lipstick addict", TheLipstickMafiaaa, who has over 30 thousand followers on Instagram alone!
What's your favorite Fall cosmetic that you won't live without?!
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Ahhh! Thank you for reminding me! I totally forgot to get on the site & that's literally a steal. I'm about to get on the site right now!!!! @marshalledgar
and check out their Candy Apple lip gloss!!! so hot!
I'm wayyyy too excited right now! Can never pass up a great lip product. You have to keep me up to date with these things!!!!
Hahaha I'm no expert @jordanhamilton but always glad to offer my opinion
Well I definitely appreciate it! & you seem to know what you're talking about @marshalledgar