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Let's just say I was a huge B2K stan.

Walls plastered in posters out of Word Up and J-14 [if you remember these magazines than you can guess my age]. Front row seats to pretty much every concert, memorabilia you can wear and every single album that ever hit store shelves. Yeah. That pretty much summed up the majority of my adolescent life. What One Direction is to young girls today, B2K was to me. I adored them and literally knew every single lyric. I cried tears because at the time I felt like I knew exact what they were singing about [little did I know]. If it wasn't about B2K, I honestly didn't want to hear it. Bump, Bump, Bumps and Got's Ta Be's followed by Uh Huh's and One Kiss were just a few lyrics I hummed in my head on the daily.
Talk about bringing back memories. "Everything" was hands down one of my favorite B2K songs. It wasn't one of their biggest hits, but it was a song that made me feel something and I must admit -- this song may be the reason why I'm the sap I am today. If you feel like listening to something slow and slightly emotional, press play.
As many concerts that I attended and as much as I tried to wait outside of their tour bus after each and every concert, [like most] I never had the luxury of actually meeting them.
I will say awhile back an old friend of mine was on three way with me calling into the radio station trying to win tickets to one their shows and my favorite member Omarion [see above photo], answered the phone. I started crying out of excitement and ended up hanging up after he said "Hello, it's Omarion". I will never forget that moment.
Unfortunately, the band broke up back in 2004 because of petty drama. If I could go back in time, I would gladly do so. Life was so carefree back then. My tears were because of guys that melted my heart, not broke it. I was a loyal fan and I will admit that nearly twelve years later, I still listen to their songs and sing to the top of my lungs as if I'm that adolescent, boy crazy teen girl. Thanks for tagging me @danidee. This card was definitely a much needed trip down memory lane.