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Before I was this majestic old steed, I wandered the plains (of my Middle School) as a young buck. And as a tiny, young, beautiful babe I wasn't really listening to music at all. And if you want me to be really honest, I don't even remember how old I was or what the actual year was when I was in Middle School but I do remember one band that I listened constantly:

The Get Up Kids

I remember being in the computer room of my cousin's house and he clicked on a bunch of stuff (I would later learn he had illegally downloaded music videos, if I knew at the time I'd say, "Cousin, stop, that's illegal") and we watched the music video for Action and Action.
And immediately, I was hooked. There was something oddly romantic about making your band play a song to a girl you like over the telephone even though she's one floor above you. Or maybe, I just liked seeing a bunch of people that looked like nerds playing music I actually liked for once.
It was strange, I can't even remember what kind of music I listened to before I heard of this band -- although, looking back on it now, I might have really liked the Spice Girls (but that was before Middle School, so I don't need to say anything about anything when it comes to that, get off my back) -- and it felt so good to finally have something to listen to that resonated with me.
And, you know, it wasn't really the lyrics. It was more fun riding around in a car with my older cousins as we all screamed the lyrics at the top of our lungs with the windows down. And now, when I get the chance to sit behind the wheel of a car with all my best friends (this is nearly impossible because we're all dispersed across the globe) I know we'll probably play this song (and this album) just to yell out the windows like we're young.
[Thanks to @danidee for coming up with this writing challenge. It made me realize that I'm probably, maybe older than I think of myself. So, a special thanks for making me feel my age a little bit.]
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The get up kids are amazing!!!!!!!! Yes to this card yes!