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Kira Stackhouse who is a photographer based in San Francisco, decided to throw a quinceañera for her cat, Ponette. Que cute! Her adorable cat turned 15 years old, and she wanted to make sure the big 15 was celebrated right.
Stackhouse spent months researching quinceañera dresses to achieve the perfect design for her purry friend.
Stackhouse said these endearing words about Ponette to Cosmopolitan:
"Ponette turned 15 this year, and since she is my very best friend, I felt that she was very well-deserving of a very memorable party. Ponette has really blossomed in the past few years and 15 is quite an accomplishment, so a quinceañera seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!"
Can I get an "AWWW"!?

Here are some adorable photos of this special 15-year-old:

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Happy birthday, Ponette! <3

What a special day for the kitty. (also, this is a perfect excuse to dress up your kitty and take cute pictures!)
this is toooooo funny!! but 15 is pretty old for a cat! the dress is also perfect hahahaha
the cat looks so happy... xp
shhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! @nicolejb
the party is for you, let’s be real @alywoah
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