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Random Challenge~

Hey there friends \(^-^) so I was tagged to do this challenge and I also thought it would be interesting for you guys to get know a little more about me :) BTW who are making up these challenges I give full credit to you and keep up the good work XD
Shall we get started?
1. Tell 5 random facts about you that's not listed in your bio...
*First I have stage fright, I don't like getting in front of people and do presentations or whatever, O.O I tend to shutter, get hot, and shake a bit, I don't know but I haven't got use to it yet.
* Second I don't like heights -_- it creeps me out....even looking at this picture shakes me, it's super scary to me u.u I will shake and get the creeps, but I do like to get on roller coaster because I like the thrill of it, and airplanes only because I don't have to look out the window but just fall asleep haha.
* Third
I used to be in the marching band for 3 years(8th-10th)
^_^ I really enjoyed being in the marching band I really did, I quit because it wasn't my thing but I still maintain the class though. Here's a video of when I was in band :) and if you want to see more just go to YouTube and type in Redan High School marching band
* Fourth I'm not good in math U.U well I used to be like an expert but then I hit High school and my math skills went down, it got frustrating and sometimes my brain hurts when I think to hard haha, ever since then I didn't like math, who else can agree?
*Fifth I have OCD....yep I don't like messes nor do I like stuff disorganize, IT DRIVES ME INSANE!! It's like I have to have my stuff organize and when something is out of place I get aggravated, right before I go to bed every single night I clean/straighten up my room because I don't like sleeping in a messing room, plus I don't like sleeping with stuff on my bed, I don't know how people do it but I can't O_O I can't stand it, everything must be organize...*sigh*
2. The most outrageous thing you've ever done, worn, or said...
Hmmm, I'm not sure, I know there's a lot but it's Ajnsjnuebuwbei in my brain right now lol.
Question from @B1A4BTS5ever she actually tagged me and asked this question:
Do you have a nickname when you were growing up?
Yes, yes did and my nickname is Yanni, even today my family still uses it, mostly my grandma and auntie.
3. Tag 6 people and ask them a random question....
I tag @jiggzy19 @Mattk95 @B2utyrisa @poojas @AimeeH and @KpopGaby, I'm not sure if you did the challenge yet but I still want to ask this random question:
Do you prefer caps or beanies?
Lol I don't know why but I just wanted to ask that question. I also want to hear @B1A4BTS5ever and @Starbabes answer lol ^_^
Thanks for the tag also.
That's my challenge, thank you for stopping by.
Saranghaeyo xoxo~
Byeeeee ^3^
Credits to owner of the photos.
@B1A4BTS5ever Awwwww, I don't have a lot of beanies but I wear them around the house a lot lol
@B1A4BTS5ever lol I loooove caps but I like beanies a little more >.< haha
Kk I'll do this challenge ~ :)
@xoxoaudra98 i like them to but they dont look good on me
i perfer caps :D
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