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I was tagged by @shannonl5 for the What Literally world would you want to live in? found here by @LizArnone


A place full of adventure! Time works differently here. You don't age, and you just have fun. There are stories to tell and fights to be had!
Sure there is some danger, like Pirates and Mermaids! That's part of the fun! With Peter at your side, there is no need to worry!
Peter needs a lost girl, to tell stories and have adventures with!
Neverland has Fairies, Indians and Lost Boys!
Learning that death and life is an adventure
So if you want to forget it all and stay young forever then...
Just think happy thoughts and fly away
And if you close your window at night and grow up.

So that's my answer! ^^ Neverland!

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I love this! What a beautiful card. You've totally convinced me that Neverland is the place to be!
@shannonl5 Riiiiggghhhttt It was hard to pick but once I really thought about it, Neverland would be amazing
@VixenVivi you can FLY! That's totally something I want to do!
I officially love you! I can't even tell you how many times I've read Peter Pan or watched the different movies!
@Taijiotter YAYayayayayay I love you too! XD