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Shinhwa - All Your Dreams This is the very first k-pop song I ever heard, so therefore, Shinhwa is my #1. I will also share with you many of my other favourite old school songs from the late 90's and early 2000's. these are some of the greatest songs from my teenage generation. ENJOY!!! *^▁^*
TURBO - Twist King Jong Kook pre Running Man!
서태지 와 아이들 (SeoTaiji and Boys)- 난 알아요 (I Know) YG pre YG COMPANY!
Finkl - Blue Rain Lee HyeoRi pre "U Go Girl!"
S.E.S - I'm Your Girl
H.O.T. - Candy
Sechs Kies - 학원별곡
Yoo Seung Jun (유승준) - NaNaNa (나나나)
1TYM - HOT (뜨거)
Fly to the Sky - My Angel
Baby V.O.X. - Baila Baila Bonita
BoA - 아틀란티스 소녀 뮤직비디오
Shinhwa - Eusha Eusha