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i cant, i just cant. look at him! just look at the beautiful magestic creature that is leo and tell me that he has not made it into your bias list!!! like honestly!!!!!
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@RochelleDiamond super jelly! But also vicariously happy. Was he nice?
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@YolandaEngland unfortunately they were obviously tired so they weren't beaming. But they were still very polite and Leo laughed a little.
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WHAT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL NONSENSE!?!? Why is he so beautiful?? He's not my bias but I'm in pain!! @RochelleDiamond I met him too in Orlando. It was pretty much the same. They were obviously tired but they were all smiling and making eye contact and HE WAS FIRST!! 馃槏
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@RochelleDiamond ahhh jealous. i wanted yo go so badly
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He's been trying to dominate my bias list lol that 4th one tho woo feels!!!! oh Leo!
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