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Today I got caught staring at two different people. the first time was during passing period. I was walking to class when I saw this guy who looked either white or (light skinned) Mexican and I was trying to figure out what race he was (idk why, I just was) but then I guess he felt me looking at him and turned around and I tried to make myself look as casual as possible but we made eye contact.
The second time happened during lunch. Since I'm a senior with an early schedule I don't actually have to stay for lunch but some of my friends do so I decided to stay with them. You can probably figure it out from the gif but I've had a crush on this guy for about two and a half years now. He and I used to be friends back in my sophomore year/his freshman year (noona alert) but by the time I realized that I liked him he already had a girlfriend. To make matters worse his (ex)girlfriend's name is Justine. one letter difference from my name. Back to the present, he and I don't really talk anymore but I still like him because I'm an idiot and I can't get over him. I was staring in his direction without really noticing it and by the time I did he had noticed and was staring at me and it was really awkward. luckily my friend noticed and started talking to me.