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Armys May I Have Your Addition Please!!!!!
Next week we are going to have a Jam week for Jimin. Starting Sunday, to show that we care and worry about him. He's finally getting Jams, just for the week. 3days ago Jimin fainted while holding his breath to long from playing a game. Lucky V was holding on to him. He was quickly transferred to the nearest Sumitomo hospital and it was revealed that he lost his balance due to a quick drop in blood pressure after holding his breath during a game but he's ok. he had me worry sick.
Jimin is now resting at his hotel. Jimin please get better soon. DX We need you. And always smile.
1. we are going to post pictures of Jimin and tell how we feel about him. 2. Then we are going to guess his favorite things. 3. We also are going to watch his videos it doesn't matter if it is a MV or funny moments or any kind. 4. last But not least we are going to play a game forgot what's called but its really fun and trying to find it on the internet. hope this isn't boring DX
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@ninachan That makes me mad. They have no idea if he was sick and that's why he was weaker. I hate judgmental people. But, at least Jimin is okay. That's all that matters. screw the haters.
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i forget i won't be here on Wednesday i got a family reunion but i hope i will still be posting pics
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i also board this train!!!
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this is really great!! I'm so glad ur doing this and jimin is my ultimate bias too ♥♥♥♥
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oh what the hell why not, I'm in! It sucks that he fainted and I'll do anything to support Jim in!
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