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I remember this dish used to be a childhood favorite. (It look very similar to this, anyway). It was from a restaurant which name I can't even remember, but the taste was great. In so many occations, we don't find home-made food that tasty and we run to restaurants/fast food that we find as a better option. In truth it's not always that good, but most of the time anything could be better than what we have at home.
Home-made food, like this one that we did, is healthier than those at restaurants. We add our own touch to make it better. Although home-made should be the one option, we don't always want it.
the second picture se mira sabroso :)
@LupeGavina es arroz y carne y que?
Torresnos (o tortitas) de atún.
ah me gusto esos :) yo no come mucho mariscos pero atún así o en torta si