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The essence to good hair starts from basic hair hygiene and hair care. Here' a few thing you need to know about shampoo.

1. Shampoo DOES NOT have to lather.

Many shampoo contain sulfate (often shown as sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate) that cause your hair to lather up. Then, after rinsing you'll have squeaky hair. This is not a sign of clean hair but a sign of over dry hair. If you have color-treated hair avoid this ingredient at all cost.

2. Avoid washing your hair in hard water.

Does your hair ever feel dry and straw-like after you shampoo? This is the result of hard water (aka unfilter water). If you look closely on your shower head you can may notice iron stains and other nasty build up hanging there. This is caused by the chemical in hard water. I suggest installing a filter to shower head, so your hair is not expose to harsh particles.

3. Leave dandruff shampoo on for at least 3-5 minutes.

Letting the solution sit on your hair for a couple of minutes can help really help get rid of build up from the scalp. When you're ready to wash it off, massage and rinse thoroughly.

4. If you have extreme build up you might want to double shampoo.

First rinse, to wash off debris.
Second rinse, to let the medicated shampoo penetrate.

5. Look out for these ingredients.

Dimethicone* acts like a silicone. It may coat your hair with a glossy film but it prevents oil and moisture from absorbing. As a result you may experience dry hair.
*Dimethicone copolyl and PEG modified dimethicone are water soluble silicones, meaning it doesn't leave any residue as long as you rinse it out thoroughly.