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This has to be one of the cutest little girl projects I have come across in a while. Not only is this handmade, but it fulfills every little girl's desires--a dollhouse! Also, it's a compfy cozy pillow that can be taken anywhere!

Supplies Needed:

-1 yard patterned fabric (pillow backing)
-14" x 16" yard of plain fabric (roof)
-16" x 18" patterned (house body)
-three 7" x 9" pieces of plain fabric (windows)
-4" x 7" piece of wool felt (door)
-decorative button
-black fabric paint


-fabric pencil
-sewing machine
-rotary cutter
-self-healing mat
Seam Allowance: 1/2"
Step One: From the 14" x 16" piece of fabric, mark the halfway point across the top of the fabric, about 8" in from the edge. Then starting 2" up from the bottom of each side, draw a diagonal line to the top center mark, and cut along that line.
Step Two: Line up the base of the roof with the top of the front interior fabric with their right sides together. Pin in place, and stitch together. Press the seam open.
Step Three: On your roof, paint your roof design, and on the pieces for the windows, paint on your windowpanes. Allow to dry completely, then press to heat set the design in place.
Step Four: For your window pockets, fold down the top edge (the 7" side) 1/2", press, fold down another 1/2", press, pin in place, and topstitch. Repeat for the other two pieces.
For each pocket, fold the remaining three sides of the pocket in 1/4" and press. Place each pocket on the desired spot on the dollhouse body (about 1 3/4" in from the edge), right side facing up, pin the folded sides in place, and edge stitch around the three sides.
Step 4b. Place your wool felt fabric for the door 2 1/2" in from the right side and up 1" from the bottom. Pin in place and edge stitch around. Sew on a decorative button for the doorknob.
Step Five: For the backing, place the front of the house on top of the backing fabric, and cut all the way around the perimeter of the house. With the right sides together, sew around the entire perimeter, leaving a 3" opening for turning. Clip the corners, turn right side out, and press.
Step Six: Fill the house with Poly-Fil to desired thickness, and slip stitch the opening closed.
I love the joy on this little girl's face! I can imagine my cute nieces would have similar expressions!