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Want to make your little girl ecstatic, and put a twinkle in her eye? This is how you do it: build an EASY clothing rack so she can hang up and display all her cute clothes, purse and shoes! Of course, you're going to need some cute clothes to hang on it too (so you may have some shopping to do...)!

Supplies Needed:

-precut wood measuring 3/4" x 15" x 36"
-spray paint in two colors
-three 3/4" x 5' lengths of PVC pipe
-super glue


-power drill
-1 3/8" drill bit
-hand saw
-sandpaper in 150 and 100 grit
Step One: Mark the center of each short end of your board about 2" in from the edge with your pencil. Attach your bit to your drill and carefully drill through. Be sure to wear your safety goggles! Sand your board with your roughest sandpaper and then your finer sandpaper for a smooth finish.
Step Two: Cut one length of your 5' PVC pipe in half to get two 30" pieces. This height is perfect for 4-6T dresses. If you're needing a taller rack, cut two of your 5' PVC pipes to measure between 32"-38". For the top bar, cut another 5' PVC pipe to measure 32". Then cut four 5 1/2" lengths and four 3" lengths for the base. I used a hand saw, but you can easily use a circular saw if you have one available.
Step Three: Spray your wood and your pipes with your specific spray paints. I chose the yellow for its unique color, not its specific job. Be sure you're using plastic-friendly spray paint on the PVC pipe. I went over mine in white to help hide the bar codes and other type. You may need to spot spray a few coats over the black if you're using a light color such as white. Follow manufacturer's directions.
Step Four: Place your two 30" pipes (or whichever equal lengths you choose) parallel to each other as shown. Attach one 90-degree elbow pipe to the top of each 30" pipe so that they face each other. Fit one 5 1/2" length into each side of both tee fittings. Follow with one 90-degree elbow fitting on the other end of each 5 1/2" pipe length. Follow with one 3" length into the open end of the elbow fitting, and finish with the end caps. That will create both base legs as shown above. Do not attach side pipes to base legs yet.
Step Five: Unless you're planning on taking this apart often, you should add super glue inside the elbow fittings on top of both sides before adding your top pipe. This will help strengthen it and keep it from getting pulled apart easily. DO NOT super glue your base legs to the side pipes until AFTER you've added the wood.
Step Six: Fit your base legs so that they are sitting cozily inside your drilled holes, and attach your side poles. I suggest super glue in between these joints unless you plan on taking it apart for storage.
There's a reason why there are no wheels on this--it's too dangerous for children! Let's keep this safe and fun! For more projects you're going to love, be sure to click here for more cute ideas!