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Time to scrounge through all your most-favorite social media pics for this SUPER EASY DIY! Since you're going to be decorating a wall with these, and form a quasi-collage, try your best not to put up selfies!!!
The ones you choose should make you stand back and say, I remember that...and be story-worthy of sharing with friends and family. It they're riddled with inside jokes, it may not be as awesome as you think. Just sayin...

Supplies Needed:

-Lots of square pictures (like, LOTS!)
-2 packs of Scotch removable mounting tape
-Grid paper (optional)
-Tape measure
Step One: On some grid paper, draw a heart (or any other shape you prefer) and then count the squares. This will tell you how many pictures you will need to outline it.
Step Two: Now it's time to figure out which of all your pictures will make it on the wall. Don't rush this. Pick the good ones and see how they look next to each other.
Step Three: Using your measuring tape, measure the width of the wall you will use and mark the center of the wall with your pencil.
Step Four: Peel and stick your removable mounting tape on the back of your mini square prints. For better results, use two per picture.
Step Five: Place your favorite photo where you marked your pencil. Using your illustration as a guideline, start placing the photos on the wall.
Since the photos are small and the space you're using is big, you might need to step back a few times to make sure everything is going accordingly. If you need to move and replace some photos, that's easy with the mounting tape. It won't leave any marks on your paint, so do all the moving you need to!
I hope you like this one. It's easy to do and pretty inexpensive too. It's also a clever way to make a dorm room more like home when you're away from home! For more cute projects, be sure to click here and have fun!