lol okay in sorry Im a bit late with this challenge. I got +33 a long time ago but I was too tired to actually make a card so I guess this is it~~ Ship me away guys here's a couple of pics of me at the moment. Im horrible at remembering full profile names so who ever wants to do it do it~~
just because the dress is pretty I put it up there lol
look at my sexy face *barfing sounds* Haha but yeah here's my selfie challenge. Who do you ship me with?
you are very pretty and cute I think onew from shinee or daesung from big bang
I can see you with TOP from Big Bang. Can you guys come and check mine out as well and please comment who you can see with me. Please and thankyou! ^_^
really that's awesome i guess your meant to be lol yasssss @SashaLove
@amandamuska Ahh thank you and wow you picked my biases out of both group girlll yass 😩😍😂