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Since there is no Merchandise available to the AMERICAN FAN GROUPS!!! IIIIII MADE MY OWN MERCH!!! Whoever is with me... Just go and grab some glow n the dark fabric paint and show Your Bias some Love!!! HEH HEH!!! MY NEW WORK SHOES!!! IVE GOT KPOP IN MY BLOOD!!! I LOVE T.O.P. GEMINI!!!! #Fighting!!
@dreemer13 okay, I don't know how good or reputable this website is, but I found it by googling. You might check it out: www.zazzle.com/body+pillows
Then you should see if you can have one custom made. I don't know if you can make a custom-made body pillow, but I have been looking into doing a custom made blanket @dreemer13
Amazon has a lot of bigbang stuff but mostly gdragon (no problem for me) but if you look there is really nice stuff I get my merch from there
True true! But you see, it's hard to get Vixx themed things in Amazon because it doesn't have a lot of merchandise like BIGBANG.
I have Amazon. I see a lot of kpop stuff up there
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