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Nothing is Available for us here in America... SOOOO!
Since there is no Merchandise available to the AMERICAN FAN GROUPS!!! IIIIII MADE MY OWN MERCH!!! Whoever is with me... Just go and grab some glow n the dark fabric paint and show Your Bias some Love!!! HEH HEH!!! MY NEW WORK SHOES!!! IVE GOT KPOP IN MY BLOOD!!! I LOVE T.O.P. GEMINI!!!! #Fighting!!
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I have seen quite a few little things on Etsy for big bang! And i AM SSOOOO GONNA GET Them!!! But what i really need is the TaeYang Full Body Pillow! I know it exists! I JUST CANT SEEM TO FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!
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Then you should see if you can have one custom made. I don't know if you can make a custom-made body pillow, but I have been looking into doing a custom made blanket @dreemer13
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Ive been looking. Its just hard finding material with KPOP artists. But im on it though!
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@dreemer13 okay, I don't know how good or reputable this website is, but I found it by googling. You might check it out: www.zazzle.com/body+pillows
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@DianaBell THANKS!!! HEE HEE!!
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