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Lord have mercy!
Jackson's gonna be in the September issue of Korea GQ!
I may just die because Se7en also did a recent photoshoot for something different and it may also be out in Sept!
The dominance over my heart and soul is strong! It will be a battle of my OG oppa verses my newest one! Who will win the battle?! Certainly not me!! But you know....
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Jackson how many times I have to tell you stop killing me come on I do have a daughter but you killing me JACKSON!!!!!
@BlueBear07 He's been back a while now but he's been in a musical since he didn't resign with YG. Oh and he's also creating his own agency! :D So proud of my OG Oppa! @DeniseiaGardner That's how I felt when the news came so late at night and he kept posting outtakes on IG! I'm like, "BRO I GOT TO GET UP EARLY AND TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS!! UGH BUT DON'T STOP YOU'RE SO HOT!!"