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Sooooooo I was curious and looked up Jongkook's birthday and it said September 1, 1997. My birthday is July 2, 1998. So I'm only one year apart from him. So I'm wondering is he still 17 or is he now 18 and my oppa? Cause I'm 17 and I'm really curious lol
@RochelleDiamond and @KpopGaby Both of you understand my pain TT.TT lol noonas are soooo lucky, why do I have to be a year younger than him wahhh~
hes going to be 18 but in korea he will be 19 because apparantly they count being in the womb as a year??? haha something like that
*Noona in the corner* Muahhahahahahhah, Sooon I shall have the Kookie *morphs back into the shadows*
@RochelleDiamond I wonder the same thing because my birthday is January 22, 1997 I think he is 18 going on 19
He's 17 internationally and about to turn 18
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