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Just... Look at way Jungkook looks at Taehyung.......
Look at how easily Jungkook lifts up Taehyung... This muscle pig XD. I still can't believe that its his nickname.
Look at these two fan arts... Ugh why you people trying to kill me with Vkook feels??? *crys a river of tears*
Look at their similarity.... Are those supposed to be planned couple moments???
Come On Jiminie!! Let them have their couple moment!!
Let me know when you get pregnant Tae. I want to see what my grandson looks like lol.
This..... This is just...... I can't even...... Even...... I lost my ability to even make coherent sentences.
I found this..... And I just had to share. All credits go to the creator.. But this picture is so.....
This kinda explains what I felt about the picture above...... @B1a4BTS5ever and @ninachan
@ParkMeiFan i die laughing at jimin. and v and kookie on top of each other. the feels XD but it could be photoshot
@B1A4BTS5ever I just died a minute ago to so I know what you felt..
i dead now thanks it was a nice life while it lasted
i literally just dead i cant i fuckin love them soo much @DianaCastaneda
@ParkMeiFan hahahah