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So tonight on Facebook I saw an article about the whole black face Honey Lee and commented. This person had a really rude replay and I couldn't let it go. Please read this little exchange and tell me what you think because honestly I'm offended and pissed.
I can imagine why!
Racism sadly is a huge problem, especially in their culture. They find light skin to be the ultimate beauty when it's not. Everyone is beautiful regardless of race, color, scars, anything. The person saying it was "okay" and part of their culture is being rude. :/ I understand how you'd be offended and pissed. I don't get why that one person assumes that if they were black that no one would like them. I may not like rap, which is generalized as part of black culture, but singing wise they're just as good as anyone else. :/
the comments got heated
@majesticx a lot of people are pissed with this person.