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I Like Crying

Has anybody else seen Inside Out?

I love this movie so much! I wasn't sure I would at first, but it was so great. Really, it made me think about all the things that we don't consider much, especially about why we feel the things that we feel!!

Anyways, I think this quote from Sadness can teach us a lot :)

I think the whole movie reminds us that too much of any emotion is bad, but that every emotion is also important!
Like Sadness, I also like crying!! Sometimes, I tend to ignore something that is bothering me and try not to think about it. But if I let myself cry and just think about it, I might feel down for a while, but really that time spent being sad allows me to understand the problems that I'm experiencing more and also allows me to see just how they're effecting me.
When it comes to relationships, I've had guys be totally freaked out by my tears before! Others, though, saw my tears not as weakness or a sign that they had done something wrong, but actually as a way to work through something together, which I think can be cool.
After all, to solve you problems you have to understand them.
To understand them, you have to feel them.
And one way of feeling them is to cry!!
So, next time you're having a crisis in love or just in life, go ahead and let yourself cry a little bit. You might just feel better afterwards!
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