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Q: I started dating my best guy friend two months ago. Before that, we had been really good friends for 2 years. Things have really been going basically perfectly! He actually had a crush on me for a year or so but was too shy to say it (and I didn't notice, but I started having feelings for him too) so it just worked out!
Lately, though, I'm getting kind of worried. For the past 2 weeks he's been kind of...on edge. It seems like he gets annoyed very easily over lots of little things. Usually we're really comfortable teasing each other, but now he gets a bit upset with me. He even goes as far to ignore me. I did try to ask what's wrong, but he just ignored me again and didn't really help me to understand. Do you think he is he bored of me already? What should I do?

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@nicolejb @EddiePozo Thanks everyone. I sent these messages to the anon; hope she'll get back to me with an update soon!
Sounds like he's being (sorry if I'm being too blunt) an ass. Give him space and when he straightens out remind him you're not someone he can treat how he feels that day
I love that you started off as best friends first and I think maintaining a friendship in a relationship is so important! My thought is that he's just having a rough week. Just remind him how much he means to you and do your best to cheer him up. Wait it out a bit and if things don't go back to normal really confront him about it.