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Pray for korea
I'm south korean and 20 years old And something could happen in my country We don't want to attack someone We don't want to be hurt We don't want to die We don't want lo lose someone who is Special to me We just want to live normal life, Study what i want to learn Fall in love with someone Travel the world Eat delicious food This war is i think Worthless and meaningless In the end of war there will be only Tears, crying voice, blood.... Please pray for korea
Not to offend anyone, but the author of this card said Korea. I love South Korea as much as you all do, but we also have to remember that the citizens of North Korea are also humans. Sure, they won't back down, but we should also pray for them. Let's pray that both countries come to a peaceful agreement and that no more blood is shed. So yes, I will pray for both countries. Because both countries have children, mothers, fathers... Pray for peace. Pray for Korea.
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Please be safe and I am praying for you
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I definitely am praying for South Korea
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Definitely praying for Korea! ♡
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Just know others around the world are praying for S.Korea and you.
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