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The age old question, which 3 people (living or dead) would you invite to a dinner party? And of course @VinMcCarthy had to challenge me to finally choose!
Check out his awesome answers here and then see which 3 people I finally choose!

Bill Watterson

Since the guest have to actually be real people, which kicks Calvin and Hobbes out of the running, I chose the next best thing...their creator! The comic is one of my favorites and hanging out with Watterson is the closest I will ever get to being friends with Calvin.
Also it seems like he would be a riot and no one wants a dinner party without laughter...because thats just a funeral.

Emma Watson

I mean I am a hugeee Harry Potter fan, but that isn't the reason I would choose her. She has become a spokesperson for women around the world and has even spoken at the U.N. to fight for equality and women empowerment. I would love to be able to actually discuss her viewpoint on so many topics/ beg to work with her. So nerdy I know.

Bob Dylan

Because he's a serious poet who knows how to party. I have been listening to his music since the womb (he's Dado's favorite) and every single lyric just has so much power behind it. I would love just to sit back and drink and listen to his super raspy voice talk about writing. He gives me hope that even terrible singers (cough myself) can write good enough to still make it.
Also I would have to get my Dad an autograph or something!
extremely beautifuL! and I wouldn't be surprised if every woman had a girl crush on her lol
@jordanhamilton she is sooooo beautifully i can't even take it sometimes !!! and she's so smart i think i have a girl crush on her honestly haha
Love this!!! and might I add that Emma Watson is simply gorgeous!!!