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I really liked this card that @virginvingler created about the theme they found in some of the songs they were listening to. I checked my music library and found a similar theme! There were lots of songs with black (because of my affinity for rock music) and of course blue (because of The Blues, of course), but I was really intrigued by the red theme.

The Gaslight Anthem- Red in the Morning

I really love this band. Their music sounds so wild and untamed, but it's actually very well-crafted.

Angel Haze- A Tribe Called Red

I started getting into hip-hop over the past couple years, and part of that is because of my admiration for Angel Haze. This song is so visceral and inspiring. I always feel pumped up when I hear it.

The Shins- Red Rabbits

To contrast the last two songs, this one is very mellow. It feels very mid-afternoon.

The Dresden Dolls- The Jeep Song

"I see a red jeep and I want to paint it black!"
This is my favorite band. And this song totally rocks!

The Red Sox Mambo

I grew up in Boston. So 2004 was a pretty special year.

The Gaslight Anthem- Red at Night

I opened this card with the Gaslight Anthem, and it makes sense to close it with them, too. They're one of my favorite bands. And this song has always been very comforting to listen to.
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@shannonl5 they make it look so easy lol I'm still trying to finish the western I was writing ugh I hit a wall and have writers block
@buddyesd ooof that's the worst! Writer's block is so frustrating!!!
@shannonl5 thank you for sharing!
This is interesting! Thanks for tagging me @shannonl5