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Ever been to a theme park and thought, "man this place is too dang happy." Well then you would probably fit right in at Dismaland. Created by Banksy, this secretive new theme park/exhibition is full of creepy art pieces, political satire, and rides!
In mocking fashion is takes the “happiest place on Earth” and warps it. Coined a "bemusement park” the park is modeled after Disneyland, but filled with very creepy and weird art.
The park is located in the town of Weston-super-Mare a seaside town in south-west England. The gray and gloomy town was the perfect fit for this dismal park.
Thought the park is small, cost of the amusement park is only 3 euro (about $5), but hurry up and get there...because it’s only open for a month.
Here are some more images in case you don’t get to go. The theme part focuses on art that makes a statement: so if you look deeper you might be able to understand what Banksy artists are alluding too.

I hope they throughly bum you out.

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This is so cool! Wish I could see it. It's definitely not a place to take your kids...
Agreed @Gavriella...though for some reason it’s free for children.
Weird! Maybe Banksy trying to expose them to his blatant political commentary rather than have them grow up on typical disneyland?
LUV BANKSY! I saw this on Vogue this morning! I even went to the website to check out ticket prices, but the calendar feature isn't working and there are no prices. I want to know how he pulled this off. Wish I was in the UK!
ME TOO! I kinda wish Banksy set up other ones in different countries. But, who knows, maybe this one will be such a success that it can!