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This is a shoutout to my friend @dreemer13 because they wanted to know where to get a Taeyang Body Pillow.
Just find an image you want and then order the pillow. I would do it for an experiment myself but I'm not much into body pillows.
However, I AM working on making a custom fleece blanket for VIXX. When I get it I'll let you all know the results!
So here's a gallery of Taeyang for all my VIP's!!
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@DianaBell YOU KNOW SOMETHING?!!! I LUVZ MY KPOP FAMILY!!! AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT! The pillow is for my 3 yr old!!! She is TOTALLY taken by this boy! Well boy to me and Man to her! She sure does love her "Pink Hair TarYang" as she calls him... Thanks! And I am sure We can figure this out!!!