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ABC has officially ordered a pilot for 'Marvel's Most Wanted'.

Variety is reporting that the spinoff series/related project will focus on Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last season, they were both recovering from the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, which resulted in the collapse and subsequent rebuilding of the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

At first, the network turned down the series.

Thankfully it sounds like they've changed their minds! This would be Marvel's third series with ABC, and if you include Netflix, they will have five tv shows running (Daredevil and the upcoming Jessica Jones). DC has been doing very well on tv with Arrow and The Flash, and their much-anticipated Supergirl series is projected to do extremely well. Is this Marvel (and ABC's) way of proving they're more than ready to compete?

Let's hope the pilot goes well!

It will be a challenge fitting this series in with all the other Marvel tv releases next year, but a Bobbi-centric series will be a welcome addition.
more they compete more the entertainment we get@shannonl5
@purplem00n23 I completely agree! I'm glad she has the opportunity to play a character this awesome! I think this would be a great foil for Agent Carter too. That's set in the past, this would be in the present.
@SerenaMcG @OhmaCharly did you see this news? I would LOVE to see this happen!
@ButterflyBlu cool ^_^ I didn't want to talk spoilers just in case, but here goes [SPOILER]: I'm really interested to see how t=her show deals with the aftermath of everything that happened with Coulson and Ward. I felt really sympathetic to her for a lot of the season because I did sort of feel like Coulson wasn't being held accountable for some of the things he was doing. And then she got captured by Ward! I was so worried for her
@shannonl5 Yes, ma'am! Every night that it's on, I'm there. I try not to miss it! It's a favorite. :)
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