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Turns out Katniss Everdeen stills makes WAY less money than Tony Stark.

Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Downey Jr. starred in the two most lucrative franchises this year - Hunger Games and Iron Man, respectively. That being said, when you look at their individual salaries, the disparity is obvious.

Jennifer Lawrence made $52 million in the last year.

Robert Downey made $80 million in the last year.

What's up with that?!

This is not to say that Lawrence isn't raking in TONS of money because she definitely is, but it's only 65% of Downey's salary. Other top-earning actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Melissa McCarthy are also earning millions less than their male counterparts like Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.
With the annual release of Forbes top paid actors and actresses it becomes even more clear that this is a systematic problem. Hopefully the influence of well-known actresses in the industry can start some incredibly necessary change. Tons of famous women have been outspoken advocates for equal pay, and they need to keep it up!! They have powerful voices and powerful influences that other women experiencing pay inequality do not.

Together, I hope we can make some real change.

I hope these awesome ladies will continue inspiring women in all industries to fight for equal pay!

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well I agree that women who do the same as men in Hollywood should get the same pay as they are no different in acting. I also think that the pay rate of all jobs should increase because no one can servive in this day in age off 8.50$ an hr at the least. just to throw that out there. you work hard you should get paid more for your work. companies make millions and/or billions even in hollywood I think they can get the cob out of their butts and pay ppl more. and not to mention there are smarter ppl out there (with out diplomas or equivalent ) than most with diplomas. its quite shocking. anyway, my point is, if you work (no matter what job) you should get paid the same wage and the minimum wage for average americans and more, should be upped a lot to mend with the modern day costs and living, and the big spenders such as the gov should get limited on funds. lol. just saying.