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Yet again, more of that "refreshing, anti-political correctness" from Donald Trump (you know the asshole running for President), has resurfaced and it might be the most disgusting tweet yet.
Honestly, someone take away this mans twitter account, isn't there an age limit or something?
Ahhhhhh, directly from the mouth of the man who wants to be Commander in Chief of this great nation.
All sarcasm aside, this tweet brings up 3 very big problems.


Sexual assault in the armed forces is a serious problem. While unfortunately, it is not surprising that assaults happen (we do live in a rape culture), it is disgusting how little get reported and in even less receive justice. According to a military times article;
"Of 170,000 troops, 20,000 service members said they had experienced at least one incident of unwanted sexual contact in the past year, representing nearly 5 percent of all active-duty women and 1 percent of active-duty men."
If that isn't disturbing enough, let me further explain what they mean when they say unwanted sexual contact. Just so you guys understand the gravity of the situation.
"Nearly half the assaults reported by women and 35 percent reported by men were "penetrative sexual assaults" — crimes that include rape and penetration with an object."
OK, now that we realize that this is a serious problem about RAPE, and not just "boys being boys" lets have a quick but frank discussion. Under no circumstances should rape, unwanted sexual attention, or even unwanted touching be okay or expected. We pride ourselves in being an intelligent race, above all other animals, so I don't understand why we aren't expect to control our sexual urges when in the room with ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.


Women risking their lives to fight for this country should not then be blamed for being assaulted just because they decided they wanted to fight! That is the most repulsive thing anyone (especially someone who has never been in a war ... TRUMP) could ever say about someone sacrificing everything for a country that does little for them if they return. You have some fucking nerve Trump.
Also I get that your super heterosexual mind wont be able to fathom this but, men are also being raped by other men. There was a problem with sexual assault before women were allowed to fight. Learn a bit of history about the institution you are suppose to lead before you start thinking you have a right to command it.
3. The fact that Donald Trump, currently in the led for Republican nominee does not understand a thing about SEXUAL ASSULT, a huge problem. Sexual assault is an issue we must star paying attention to, not just in the armed forces, but in this country and around the world. The fact that Trump believes over 20,000 people being raped should be expect simply because men and women AKA humans, are put together is disturbing. Sexual assault needs to be stopped. Education needs to happen, respect for peoples bodies is a must, and nothing and I mean nothing should be swept under the rug because society has grown to "expect it".
Great card! This is actually a huge problem in the military, and not many people know about it. Though I COMPLETELY disagree with what Trump said (he’s a poop head), I’m glad people are seeing the statistic.
@nicolejb i know right ... the one good thing about that tweet lmfao. he is the worst and drives me completely bat shit....but you knew that already haha