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That was the first kpop song I've ever heard my sister showed it to me and I already liked gd there even though I didn't know their names I showed my friend that mv
after she saw the Bigbang mv she liked it and saw Troublemaker's song Trouble maker and showed it to me
first song that annoyed me because my friend ( still the friend that I showed the mv to) played that song in repeat and even make me learn the dance and I was like okay you played the song 50 times already and you made me dance that dance for the 10th time I'm done
I just went trough YouTube and saw this and I was like damn he's good so I googled him and found out that he was the leader of Bigbang and I thought to myself that Bigbang sounded familiar to me so I googled Bigbang and saw the list of their songs and saw gd in Haru haru and I was like Omg that was the dude that I liked the most and from that moment I became utterly obsessed with gd
Because of this mv I became a fan of Bigbang
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yes to every single song! haru haru was soooo good when it came out!