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Okay @JordanHamilton made my morning with this brilliant challenge. She asked, "If you could have a dinner date with three men, dead or alive, who would they be and why?" Oh my God. There are so many people I admire and love. So many I'd love to have conversations with... This is so ridiculously hard, but I'll give one scenario a go: two rock stars and two writers enter a dark, empty bar in a hauntingly quiet part of Bowery, New York City. There are at least twenty different bottles of alcohol on the table, all are merry, but something could go wrong at any minute, that's just what happens when four similar, and chaotic personalities get together.
I sit down in the dark bar and start knocking back drinks because I'm so nervous. But the door swings open...

My first guest stumbles into the dark restaurant. There's an opaque cloud of smoke following him.

It's Pete Doherty.

I shamelessly exposed my affinity for him during @danidee 's Embarrassing Celebrity Crush challenge and will never look back. Pete is an enigma, and we share a lot of similarities: he's a musician but he's also an artist, writer and complete mess. Check. Check. Check. Check. I'd love to sit down with him and just talk about how his mind works, because it is so similar to mine. I think we'd both bring each other some peace, like a "hey, I'm insane too!" kind of thing. Plus, I also hope he'd ask me on a date or something, but that's the least of my worries ;)

Next, of course striding in...the musician that started it all for me: Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

I think him and Pete would get along okay. And I would just die to be in the same room as him. I still haven't seen Green Day in concert, and the dinner would like...blow my mind. I want to ask Billie about music. Talk to him about songwriting, and how to create a successful rock band and all that stuff. He also just seems like a really cool, laid back guy. Most of all though I want to make sure he knows how important he is to kids like me, and how he changed my life with his music.
Everyone stands in amazement as the final guest enters:

The OG of Gonzo, my literary hero: Dr. Hunter S Thompson

If you don't know what Gonzo is, I wrote up a guide here on vingle. Though nothing can fully capture the amazing life and work of the Good Dr. Hunter S Thompson. He took his own life in 2005 and went out like a rocket (literally). Johnny Depp fired his ashes into the sky during his star-studded memorial service in Woody Creek, Colorado where Thompson spent a lot of his life writing. I'd want to give him some of my writing and ask, "Hey, does this suck? How can I get better?" Also, just meeting him would change my life. His writing has had such a profound impact on me that I would want to shake his hand, and thank him for showing me that writing and journalism can be deeply personal, horrific and downright fun. That's all. Rest in peace good doctor.

He orders us all Wild Turkey, neat, and we throw them back without reservation.

Who would you like to have a dinner date with? Dead or Alive? Thank you to @JordanHamilton for this one, hit me right in the feels. I'd love to see an entry from @BPF1916 and @virginvingler you guys would have a blast with it!
Pete Doherty is a total smoke and he is such an interesting person! that would be one crazy dinner haha
@LizArnone I know. I drool over him daily hahaha :) I would die if I ever met him hahaha