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I kinda remember swiping right without questioning
the same way I swipe my card without thinking about the repercussions
walking towards the elevator, our eyes locked
you looked so familiar and I could tell you were thinking the same
maybe we passed each other on the street before
or maybe I stood behind you in line at the store
you know the one on 25th and Broadway?
you were on the phone so you couldn't speak, but your eyes spoke for you
they told me stories that your lips would never be able to murmur
I smiled and thought to myself, 'he's extremely handsome'
*ding* the elevator opens and I'm hoping before I step inside you grab me by the wrist
telling me don't go, but you didn't
an opportunity we both missed out on
I got home and couldn't quite come to grabs with who you were
I kinda remember swiping right without questioning
and then this morning as I'm walking out the door you message me
"I knew that was you"
I should've never stepped on the elevator
it was too good to be true.