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Losing weight is definitely a long and hard journey. Starting is hard, but then you discover what works, and what doesn't work. You get into the fitness kick, and it's like nothing in the world can bring shade on your fit parade.

But then you hit something harder than a wall, and wonder:

Why didn't anyone tell me these things?

1) It Gets Harder, Not Easier

At the beginning, you'll see the weight drop quickly. However, once you start to get into the rhythm of things, dropping weight will start to become much harder. As your body adjusts to the activity level, and your new lifestyle -- you've gotta push harder. You've gotta switch it up.

2) There Really Isn't An End Goal

It's more like several goals that reach you to a much bigger goal. When you reach your ~perfect~ weight, you find that there's always room to improve. A change in aesthetics may have been the initial goal, but then you realize -- I want to climb that mountain, bike those rough trails, go faster than yesterday, run 2 miles instead of 1, increase the weight on the barbell.

3) You Might Gain Your Weight Back

After losing weight, you might just gain the weight back. And this is especially true if you had drastically cut calories, and lost the weight quickly. It's a hard, long journey. The best way to lose weight is steadily. Work hard, but fuel yourself. The best way to figure out what you should eat to fuel your new, active lifestyle, is to visit a dietician. It's not always, "less is best." Dieting and losing weight is much more complicated than that.
What are some of the hardships you went through, or are currently going through post losing weight?
@alywoah It's taken me a while I have figured out that my happiness isn't measured in pounds. I still want to try and look good and stay health for my loved ones, but the I won't let the scale rule me
@alywoah - great card. For me, it was exercise, exercise and more exercise that helped me drop lbs. I was going to the gym for 3 hours 6 days a week, and walking for 10 miles on the 7th day (I do, and will always detest running) so it was finding the right balance to sustain my weight loss I struggled with - an still do. Not all of the weight I lost returns, but I find that it fluctuates a lot more since I lost the weight. Its a never ending struggle.
@virginvingler it's definitely a never-ending struggle. some of my weight came back...but not all of it. i used to be much bigger. im probably currently in the middle of my smallest and largest.