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Man oh man did I want to go to PCA when I was a kid! Those dorm rooms, that amazing food and all the freedom of living away from your parents, ah what a life! I even had a cheetah print key made that looked sort of similar to Zoey's room key...don't judge me.
Dan Schneider, the creator of Zoey 101 recently shared some pretty surprising facts about the show and its characters that helped me reminisce about life at PCA. Also serious shout out to Dan Schneider because he's the creator of so many amazing teen shows. We have him to thank for Drake & Josh, What I Like About You, The Amanda Show, All That and many more. Shout out to Dan for helping me grow up!

Anyways, here are a couple Zoey 101 facts that any true fan will enjoy!

Oh no!! Without Quinn Pensky I never would have learned anything about science or that it was okay to be kind of a weird spaz...sorry Quinn.


Obviously I knew it wasn't a real place, but it still hurts a little. Apparently they filmed at Pepperdine which just begs the Pepperdine's dorms actually look like this?!

Probably not.

Check out the rest of the facts in the vid below!