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A Day In The Life Of: D.O

Have you ever wondered what an idol's typical day is like?

Specifically, Satansoo?

Well, let me tell you! ^_^
This one's dedicated to my homie @kpopandkimchi!

Oversleep like a baus.

And then there's Chanyeol trying to take embarrassing selfies with D.O.

Wake up and then sing to wake up everyone else.

Those moments when Satansoo turns into Alarmsoo.

Greet everyone once they are awake.

Is Chanyeol ever not right next to D.O? The world may never know.

Do his daily Kyungsercise.

Or as I like to call it, derpsercise.

Get ready and make sure he looks good in the mirror.

And do the weird hand thing because he's a dork.

Eat his healthy breakfast...of fried chicken.

Is everyone turning into Onew these days?

Eat second breakfast.

Hobbits can't miss this. Yes, he is secretly a hobbit.

Get to work.

Look at all that fabulous.

Get ready for practice.

Get those face Kyungsercises done.

Be a squishy at singing practice.

I mean...is he ever NOT squishy?

Be a squishy at dance practice.

Can you believe this is the same derp that is also Satansoo?

Get tired like that child that he is.

Tired squishy needs to take care of his face.

Get some rest as Chanyeol continues to bother him.

Poor Chanyeol, always getting turned down by Satansoo.

Eat all the dinners.

And make sure no one steals anything from him.

Squishy goes to sleep.

Awwwww, nite nite squishy!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! ^_^ (Check out TOP and J-HOPE's days as well) XD
Any other funny/interesting parts of Kyungsoo's day that I missed?
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